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Educators & Parents

Eric the Trainer is an advocate for teaching children about good health that will last them a lifetime. It’s about making it fun for kids and accessible and informative to parents. Eric is currently involved teaching health and fitness each Friday to elementary school children. He covers all of the basics and providing a way to make health and fitness fun. He is giving them the tools to be healthy and develop the tools to make smart choices now and in the future. To receive information regarding Eric’s tools for children, parents, and teachers please feel free to email us at

The major muscle groups: Write each of the major muscle groups on a cool image of Eric and the kids! Download Pdf

The four major food groupsDraw or write each of the listed foods in their correct food group Add your own favorite foods as you go down the list. Have fun! Download Pdf

Community Outreach

ETT is committed to serving the community. Through various outreach programs including The Scholastic Fitness Challenge, The ETT Festival of Strength, and the Sponsored Athlete program, ETT aims to empower people in all areas of fitness and health. Please check some of the athletes Eric the Trainer is sponsoring throughout the community.

Certification Program : ETT is committed to training trainers to bring forth the message of “good looks and good health” through the Sleeping Beauty Workout Program and the Sleeping Giant Workout Program.

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