The Fat Man Walking

Now that the international fanfare following the conclusion of Steve Vaught's walk across America has begun to subside, we can focus on the question that everyone is wondering about... What happens next for the Fatman walking? Well, the answer is both simple and fantastic. While on his journey, Steve was able to touch the lives of so many people -- many of whom felt that they never have had a voice speak loudly on their behalf. "To be obese and depressed in this country is to be invisible." These words spoken by Steve shot out across the air waves and made a lasting impression to millions of viewers and bloggers alike. With his web site garnering well over a billion hits, Steve held court before a loyal fan base who tracked his moves, read his journals, and cheered him on when he strode into Manhattan several weeks ago. So what's next for the Fatman? Stay tuned for the big announcement that's only days away...

For your good looks and good health,


'Fat man walking' Gets together with Eric the Trainer to lose some pounds and make some friends
Read the "Backpacker" magazine article that brought these two great forces together. A precursor to the journey that made them a great motivational speaking team for children in the Los Angeles area.
Click here to read the snipet from the Backpacker Magazine

Please visit Steve Vaught's website, and encourage him on his journey.backpacker_cover.jpg