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Eric the Trainer Live!

Classes Monday - Friday 

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We are so glad you are joining us for our home workouts.  One day we'll see each other in the gym, but for now we will see you on screen!  Kids and pets are welcome. 

Eric the Trainer Live starts Jan 1st 2021!

Keep the workouts going Monday through Friday at 10am Pacific time.  -- and if you miss the workout we'll keep it posted so you can still catch the fun!  Click here for more details: 

Sleek Ninja  Monday Wednesday  Friday 

This is a mat workout.  The Sleek Ninja workout is designed to transform your body efficiently and effectively using minimal equipment and resulting in a slimmed down, sleek, toned muscularity.

Lord of the Jungle Tuesday Thursday

The “Lord of the Jungle” workout is designed to transform any normal man or woman into Tarzan or Jane.  This fun, inclusive workout utilizes light weights, exercise bands, or if no equipment is available, household items such as gallon water jugs, big cans of tomato sauce, or heavy iron skillets.  Join us, and start your transformation today!

 We're confident you'll stick with the program and if it's not for you - You can always cancel at anytime. 

Use this code at checkout for 40% off the first month - "TRYIT"

We also offer scholarships on a case by case basis.  Fitness is for all and this past year has been hard for many of us. Use the contact us to inquire. 

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