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Alysia Kanemoto

Alysia Kanemoto began dancing at age 3 when her mom put her in a dance sampler class at a local dance studio.  Having trouble with the coordination of the movements the classes were very frustrating at times, but somehow she stuck with it.  Then at age 11 everything changed, her feet and body began to work together and you couldn’t take her out of the studio.  The jazz classes were her favorite, followed by tap, gymnastics and lastly ballet.  The ballet classes were sort of like medicine—you had to take it if you wanted to get better. 

Family life was a huge part of growing up.  She had Sunday family dinners with her parents, sister, grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles and cousins at the farm where her grandparents lived.  Alysia played in the dirt making “mud cities” with her cousins and picked fruit and veggies every weekend. 

As she entered high school dance was the main focus, but somehow she managed to be on the varsity cheer squad for 3 years and co- captain of the squad her senior year of high school.  When she was 17 she began to drive over the bridge into Seattle to take dance classes at a studio where more professionals taught.  It was after meeting her dance teacher that the idea of moving the Los Angeles was a possibility.  During one family spring break to Los Angeles (where they were scheduled to go to all the theme parks) she and her sister took their first dance classes at EDGE and Tremaine.  They were hooked!  No Mickey Mouse for them, they spent the week in classes with the best teachers around. 

Alysia graduated high school and attending University of Washington in Seattle.  Lucky for her that school was even closer to the dance studio.   The dance studio was her home away from home.  Moving to LA was an exciting adventure.  Along with her friend Lisa, the two packed up their cars and headed for lala land.  When they arrived the EDGE dance studio became their new “home”.  Friends were made quickly and became their new “family”. 

Through dance Alysia was able to travel to new cities.  She assisted her teacher Adam in Mexico, traveled to Italy to perform and judge dance competitions, went to Niagara Falls to perform a holiday show and went to France to perform in Cannes.  While in LA she was “Tommy Pickles” in the Rugrats show at Universal and did numerous Disney stage shows and premieres for the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood.  If you look closely you can even catch her as a “Bratz” doll in an animated DVD.

Alysia could combine all the training knowledge – along with all the dance knowledge to provide her clients exactly what they were looking for, results!

When Alysia first moved to LA she worked at Starbucks for a few years.  She can still make a great cappuccino --no problem.  At Starbucks she learned how to manage and organize multiple people doing multiple tasks.  Pilates was a natural career transition after all the years of dance experience.  After training through the Physical Mind Institute, Alysia began working with Eric the Trainer.  She would do Pilates with some of Eric’s clients as an add on to their training experience.  Eric’s methods were complimentary to the training she had received and soon she started training her own clients in his method.   Alysia could combine all the training knowledge – along with all the dance knowledge to provide her clients exactly what they were looking for, results!  At this time she also had a weekly “workout Wednesday” on Movin 93.9fm.  She got to provide health tips to the listeners and answer questions on how to loose weight and eat right.

Through working with Eric the training business had turned into a consulting business as well.  She and Eric have worked with various companies helping them with brand development, celebrity endorsement, marketing and distribution.  Alysia, out of necessity has been able to successfully create and run tradeshow booths (for industry and consumer shows), sumo tournaments, and special events.  With Eric the Trainer the consulting business takes them on many adventures and they continue to travel and spread the word on health and fitness.


Ivan Avitia

Ivan Avitia (aka "Ivan The Trainer") graduated from CSUN with a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology. He is a certified personal trainer and brand ambassador for Hollywood Physique Expert Eric The Trainer, whose clientele includes numerous celebrities and entertainment industry players. A Los Angeles native, Ivan grew up a scrawny kid but, with Eric's help, packed on 50 pounds of muscle. He enjoys passing on that knowledge to his clients.

He also enjoys spreading the message of healthy living and positivity as part of the "ETT Crew" at numerous fitness and entertainment-related events such as the Mr. Olympia Weekend, the Superbowl Celebrity Football Challenge, the Arnold Classic and others.


Alec Penix

Alec the Trainer (Alec W. Penix) is a Hollywood based physique expert with a broad range of experience in athletics. He grew up in Ann Arbor Michigan with a talent for sports. This passion for athletics drove him to excel at football, basketball, and baseball. After completing a degree at the University of Kentucky in Nutrition, Alec moved out to California with the goal of training celebrities. Upon being hired to Eric the Trainer's team, Alec immediately began working with top actors and athletes. Some career 

highlights include touring for two consecutive summers with Big Time Rush, playing against NFL all stars in the pre Super Bowl charity game, and fighting in the Olympia Sumo Open.


Jimmy Aviles

Jimmy Aviles (Jimmy the Trainer) is a full time Hollywood Physique Expert, and an important part of the team at the ETT Mecca. A former student athlete who played football, basketball, baseball, and hockey, Jimmy set his sights on attending the Los Angeles Fire Academy until a knee injury changed his career plans. As legend has it, Jimmy's enthusiasm for fitness caught the attention of Eric the Trainer, who invited the El Salvadorian giant to join he and his friends for a series of massive workouts. Soon Jimmy was assisting ETT with clients, observing advanced techniques, and asking all the right questions. He quickly transitioned from assistant to apprentice, and following his certification, became a full fledged member of Team ETT. Jimmy now regularly trains members of the Hollywood elite, including cast members of "Pretty Little Liars" "the Walking Dead" and "Criminal Minds: Beyond Boarders."


Joseph Orellana

HELLO I am Joseph and I live in sunny Los Angeles, CA:) My mission has always been to encourage and inspire all of those around me to live healthier lifestyles achieved by daily physical exercise. After completing my time in the Navy , I looked for a way to help launch my fitness goals into reality. Thanks to my mentor Eric Fleishman AKA "Eric the trainer" from TV's

"Celebrity Sweat", I get to do what I love everyday and travel the world helping others achieve their fitness goals too:) I hope you join me on my amazing adventure!


Miles Klauder

Miles grew up near Tampa, Florida, and began his fitness career after gaining his certification from ISSA. He made the journey out to Los Angeles to apprentice with Eric the Trainer and quickly realized he had found a group of like minded people who appreciated his talents. Within a few short months, he made the move to become a permanent member of the team. Outside of training, Miles enjoys cooking, hockey, soccer and hanging out with his pug. 

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