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The SGW is a program which combines exercise, nutrition, and sleep to realize an optimal level of fitness. It allows its user to follow a carefully thought out process which leads directly to the best possible results. It remains incredibly efficient primarily due to its method of tapping in to its user's metabolism, thus exploiting the amazing natural changing powers of the body.

Unlike a woman's metabolism -- the whirling, internal body's motor of change -- which is located in the lower abdominal region of the body, a man's metabolism resonates high in the torso, swirling around the upper thoracic region. By stimulating growth in the lats, upper pecs, and deltoids through functional and weight bearing exercise, a full and utter body transformation can take place.

This program was designed specifically for men seeking dramatic physical change coupled with an overall increase in brute strength. It keenly addresses the needs of those overweight who wish to slim down, those under-weight who have trouble gaining muscle mass, or anyone who simply is not achieving the significant results that he may be striving for. The SGW empowers the user to decide to what extent he will change, from a slight increase in overall muscularity and health to a complete physical transformation in a matter of weeks. It stands as a hybrid program, incorporating elements of yoga, martial arts, and old fashioned bodybuilding.



The Sleeping Beauty workout is an integrated program that combines fitness, diet, and rest to awaken a woman’s sometimes hidden beauty.

The Sleeping Beauty Workout recognizes that a woman’s needs in fitness and beauty are different than men. A woman requires a program that is designed to make her prettier, generally more slender, with longer, leaner muscles.

This program is specifically for women who have given up on themselves, don’t like fitness, and would never imagine hiring a personal trainer. It’s also for women who have committed a lot of time and energy into fitness but have seen little or no results.

By providing simple movements and natural solutions, The Sleeping Beauty Workout puts the power of transformation back in the hands of the individual woman.

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